Frequently Asked Questions

What are you working on?

Steinberg set up a new London-based research and development centre in November 2012, and hired as many of the former Sibelius development team as possible to start work on a brand new scoring application for Windows and Mac. There are currently 14 of us in the team, and almost all of us were formerly part of the Sibelius development team.

When will your new application be released?

We’re still deep in the development of our first version, and it’s difficult to predict when the software might be ready for release. Please visit this blog regularly to read all about the current status of the project. Even better, sign up to be notified when a new update is posted by entering your email address in the box on the right-hand side of the page.

Does your new application have a name?

Yes, it’s called Dorico.

Are you working on improving the scoring features in Cubase and Nuendo?

No, we are working on a wholly separate application. The scoring features in Cubase and Nuendo are developed by the expert developers in Hamburg who have been working on this area of the program for many years. In the long term we expect there to be some cross-pollination of technology between our application and Steinberg’s other applications, but in the here and now we are totally focused on building a separate application.

Will your new application be able to open Sibelius or Finale files?

No. Sibelius and Finale use proprietary file formats and reverse-engineering of proprietary file formats is illegal in some countries. In any case, simply being able to read the contents of a Sibelius or Finale file would not be sufficient to be able to import the music contained within, because both applications rely on algorithms and rules contained in the software itself rather than the files saved on disk to work out how to display and format the music in the files. So in order to import music from Sibelius or Finale files, we would have to additionally reverse-engineer many of those algorithms and rules, which is impractical (as well as illegal in some countries). However, our new application will support MusicXML for both import and export, and both Sibelius and Finale have very good support for MusicXML, so that will be the recommended way to transfer data between different programs.

Are you still working on Sibelius?

No, I no longer have any involvement with Sibelius.

Can you help me with my Sibelius problem?

I’m sorry, but I can’t. Please contact Sibelius technical support directly.