Come and see Dorico in London and Vienna

Daniel Spreadbury

In two weeks, there will be two special events taking place at which you can get a closer look at Dorico.

On the evening of Tuesday 18 October from 7pm, we will be holding a special event at which I will be giving a public introduction to Dorico at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush, London — and a limited number of free tickets are available if you would like to attend. You can only attend if you have a ticket, so reserve your ticket as soon as possible: the remaining tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Composer Thomas Hewitt Jones

Composer Thomas Hewitt Jones

The event will include a presentation of Dorico itself, given by yours truly, but most excitingly the event will also include the premiere of a short work for string quartet and piano that we have commissioned from Thomas Hewitt Jones, which will be performed by the composer and members of renowned chamber music group Ensemble Perpetuo. Thomas is writing the piece in Dorico, and on the night we will talk a little about how he has found using the software to put it together.

Two days later, on Thursday 20 October from 7pm, a German-language event will be taking place at the Synchron Stage in Vienna, Austria. Although I will be in attendance at the event, you will be pleased to hear that I will not be attempting to give a presentation of the software in German: instead, my colleague Sebastian Mönch will be capably handling those duties in his mother tongue. In Vienna we will be joined by the Radio String Quartet, who will be performing a new work that they are putting together in Dorico. As with the London event, a limited number of free tickets are available, so if you would like to attend, please register now to secure your ticket.

If you can’t make it to London or Vienna, don’t worry: the London event will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, and available to watch after the event as well. Make sure you like and follow Steinberg on Facebook and YouTube to receive notifications about the live streams. But if you’re able to make it in person to either event, please do come along.

15 thoughts on “Come and see Dorico in London and Vienna

  1. Rikky Rooksby

    Hello Daniel, Any significance in the choice of Vienna in connection with the fact that it is also the home of Vienna Symphonic Library? VSL users will be keen to know how easy / different it will be to use Dorico for playback with their Vienna samples.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury Post author

      @Rikky: The Synchron Stage where the Dorico event is being held in Vienna is of course owned by VSL. Steinberg and VSL work closely together on a number of things. We obviously hope that Dorico will over time become an excellent choice for working with VSL, but it will take time to get the integration really solid.

  2. Wolfram D.

    Hello Daniel,

    many congratulations to the release of Dorico!

    Is there any possibility Dorico might be released for Windows 7? I own some hardware I will definitely not discard (RME Hammerfall) to be able working with Dorico, and it only runs with Windows 7 (PC-Card-Interface). And working with a virtual machine is rather uncomfortable and needs even more resources.

    If there is no version planned for Windows 7, Steinberg will have one customer less for Dorico, even if I am really “hot” to try it. Sadly, I would stay with Sibelius and Score.

    Since many people dislike Windows 10 (phoning home much more than Win 7), Steinberg might lose some customers this way…

    Best regards


    1. Daniel Spreadbury Post author

      @Wolfram: Dorico will almost certainly never be officially supported on Windows 7, but in practice it actually runs just fine on Windows 7, and I wouldn’t anticipate any problems with using it on your system. To be safe, I suggest you wait for the trial version of Dorico, which will be available before the end of November, to try the software out on your system for 30 days in order to make sure it will work without problems.


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