Keeping Score becomes Making Notes

Daniel Spreadbury

Shortly after we launched our new blog on Wednesday this week, we became aware of the fact that the name “Keeping Score” is a registered trademark in the United States, and we have been asked to change the name of the blog.

The new name will be Making Notes, which is both a charming musical pun and also a reflection of the work that lies ahead of us, namely to build software that will, in turn, allow you to make notes yourself.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change of name, and hope that you will continue to stay tuned for updates on the development of our new software.

As part of this change, we will also shut down the blog’s own Facebook page (since it uses the trademarked name), and ask that you will kindly like Steinberg’s official Facebook page, so that future posts will appear automatically in your timeline, along with news relating to Steinberg’s other software and hardware products.

24 thoughts on “Keeping Score becomes Making Notes

  1. Chris Krycho

    A suggestion for the Facebook page, then: make it “Steinberg Software” or something to that effect rather than “Steinberg’s Cubase” to accurately reflect the changed status.

    Still much excited about all of this.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury Post author

      @Chris: It’s not trivial to change the name of a Facebook page once you have a lot of “likes”, but we are indeed in the process of working with Facebook to change the name of the Steinberg Facebook page to more accurately reflect its status as the company’s single official page on Facebook. Watch this space!

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  3. Wheat Williams

    If this doesn’t work out, change the name to “Magnetic Layout Collision Avoidance Without Making Reference To Something I Invented But Whose Patent Is Owned By My Previous Employer”.

  4. Peter Roos

    LOL – kind of hilarous, I could have told you so Daniel. “Keeping Score” is the name of a PBS program by Michael Tilsen Thomas, It is a magnificent TV program, aired one to two years ago, focused on a historial analysis of classic symphonic scores (Mahler’s first, Shostakovich’ 5th, Ivens etc). Check out the episode on Shostakovich’s 5th symphony – gives me goosebumps.

    That said, a smooth transition shouldn’t be that hard I would imagine – after all, MTT is a big Sibelius fan and I imagine he doesn’t want to give you a hard time, even if just for old times sake. Though that said with lawyers involved you never know (I should know I am one myself ;-).

    How about “the blog formerly known as keeping score” a/k/a TBFKKS.

    Ok .. maybe not.

  5. Laurier Bernier

    I said that because all my music have find there birth in C-Lab Notator cause at this time it is the creates notator editer

  6. James Matheson

    Dear Daniel,

    Like many users here, I’m both a Sibelius user and a Cubase user.

    I write music for live performance, with current commissions ranging from the Los Angeles Philhasrmonic, to the St. Lawrence String Quartet, to the Orchestra of the Swan in Stratford… My publisher is Presser, and I think it’s possible you have, at some point, been in touch with Daniel Dorff?

    I would like, if it is in any way possible, to be involved, in whatever way makes sense, in your new notation project. If you know Danny at all, he would attest: I’ve tread the line between composer and engraver for quite a long time, and I’m a patient computer user as well.

    If there is a way that I might be of help to this project, please let me know.

    -James Matheson

  7. Laurier

    Mr Spreadbury. I’m not sure if I get you right! When you talk about score editor are you talking about the one in Cubase 7? If yes, is it here we let you know our ideas?

  8. Chris

    It’s unfortunate that the facebook page has to close. I already follow the Steinberg page so I don’t mind that change BUT since this is a new software and this is more a time of exchange between you and us and less of promo, I feel it would be a good idea to make another facebook page. It’s still quite early, I’m sure many people that use notation software have not heard about the this yet so the “moving” won’t be too costly in user counts.

    The reason for a separate page is to save users that are not interested about other Steinberg products from the “spam”, make the posts easier to find (I would turn on notifications for example so I won’t miss a post but I won’t do it when it’s part of Steinber’s page because there are much more posts per day) and most importantly so we can have a direct conversation (i.e. suggestions) that is not lost in the clutter of the many posts/users of Steinberg’s page.

    I’m sure if you asked people to relocate they wouldn’t mind at this early stage.

  9. Claude

    It’s a shame this is going to be a separate software. I was really looking forward to the all-in-one solution that had been speculated when you got the job.

    I wonder how many composers are out there that, like me, write first and do playback later. It’s a hassle having to do it in a different piece of software. I dream of the day I can write a score and edit the playback at the same time….

    1. Laurier Bernier

      That what I dream about to, the score editor in cubase are not so bad if they take time to listen to those who are using it and made some few adjustment!!!!!!

    2. Vlado

      i’v been requesting this for a very log time… don’t understand why would it be so hard to implement. it’s 2015!!!


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