Seeking a developer to join Steinberg’s scoring team

Daniel Spreadbury

Steinberg is currently looking for an experienced C++ software developer to join our team in London to help accelerate the development of our scoring application. If you’d like to join a small, close-knit team working on the next generation of scoring and composition software within a supportive and forward-looking company with a technological pedigree that is second to none, and you believe you have the right combination of skills and experience, you should consider applying.

Full details of the role are available on our web site.

3 thoughts on “Seeking a developer to join Steinberg’s scoring team

  1. Robert Hunter

    Many musicians scoff at notation programs’ ability to playback scores well, compared to a DAW. Since you’re developing a new program from scratch, you might take a look at an older program, Geniesoft’s Overture (no longer in operation). It was a notation program, but had a window in which you could graphically control things like velocity, volume, and make keyswitch changes, which made the program have DAW-like playback capabilities.

    1. Bernie Cossentino

      I beg to differ! Overture 4 is still in operation. In fact, Overture 5 is currently being tested (now under the name of Sonic Scores, previously Geniesoft). I am a proud collaborator of its design, development and testing.

      I’m sure Daniel is well aware of Overture 4′s abilities and has taken its “DAW-like playback capabilities” into account. I too, look forward to Steinberg’s new creation.

  2. Don Williams

    I am appalled at how some people make totally incorrect statements like this. Overture 4 has been doing fine and as stated above, Overture 5 is near completion, and Overture 5 has many new DAW-like features that will bridge the gap between notation and sequencers.


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